Myth #1

Only moms and teachers need to join the PTA.


Anyone who cares about children belongs in the PTA! Parents, guardians, family members, school staff and community members are always welcome and encouraged to join PTA!



Myth #2

Joining the PTA means I have to volunteer.  


While we do encourage you to volunteer (it’s fun!), we will not suck you into a black hole of volunteering.  



Myth #3

PTA membership never expires.  I only have to join once.  


Each new school year begins a new PTA membership year. Your PTA membership will be good for the current school year.  



Myth #4

I don’t have time to join the PTA.  


We understand how busy families are!  By becoming a member, you show that you support HHE PTA and even the smallest donation helps the PTA to continue to provide support to our kids, staff, and school throughout the school year.  



Myth #5

I’ll get roped into volunteering if I attend a PTA meeting.  


There will be opportunities to get involved, but never any pressure!  



Myth #6

The PTA is only for stay at home parents who have nothing to do.  


 As PTA members, we are all juggling work, home, schools, sports, family and anything else that comes along.  



Myth #7

My child’s life will be the same if I join the PTA or not.  


Membership shows your child that you’re interested and invested in their educational experience.  



Myth #8

The PTA has all the help they need.  


The PTA is always in need of volunteers! You choose your time commitment and the volunteer position(s) that best fits your skills and talents.



Myth #9

I have an idea but the PTA isn’t interested.  


New ideas are always welcome!  It’s important to keep our PTA fresh and exciting!  Send us an email with your ideas at